Research Highlights

  • End-to-end Wireless Path Deployment with Intelligent Surfaces Using Interpretable Neural Networks
    C Liaskos, S Nie, A Tsioliaridou, A Pitsillides, S Ioannidis, I Akyildiz
    IEEE Transactions on Communications


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 A Novel Framework for Modeling
Mitigating Distributed Link Flooding Attacks

The Crossfire, a novel DDoS link-flooding attack, can segment entire segments of the Internet. This work presents a novel, efficient scheme for detecting the attackers and their target. SDN principles are employed.

 Can we combine metamaterials and nanonetworks to create materials with software-defined EM properties?

Meta-materials are materials with artificial structure and specified EM properties. A nanonetwork can act as the small control agent that alters this structure via software, to obtain a desired EM behavior.

A joint work with well-known physicists (C. Soukoulis, M. Kafesaki) and network experts (I. F. Akyildiz).

N3: Addressing and Routing in 3D Nanonetworks

Studying 3D multi-hop nanonetworks, this work contributes scalable, trilateration-based node addressing and low-complexity packet routing mechanisms. 

Recipient of the Best Paper Award.

Towards Realizable, Low Cost Broadcast Systems for Dynamic Environments

This work studies the problem of optimal scheduling of wireless broadcast transmissions. A new pre-emptive scheduler is proposed, which achieves near-optimal performance. Emphasis is placed on low-complexity, which is a prerequisite for applicability in dynamic environments.

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