Publications statistics

.. Plus, use the interactive table below to filter and browse the publications. 

  • E.g., Enter "Journal" to focus on journal publications only,
  • Enter "Journal Magazine Akyildiz 2015" to filter further, based on:
    • publication type (Journal) and
    • publication sub-type (Magazine, Transactions, Letter, etc.), and
    • author name (Akyildiz), and
    • year (2015).
  • The order of keywords makes no difference. 
  • You can also include any other keyword (e.g., wireless) to be matched against a publication entry.

Notice the Figure below. Years 2008-2013 correspond to my PhD thesis (wireless, scheduling). Then follows a brief return to the industry (2013), and back to research (2014-now) on a new topic (Internet routing+Security+SDN, Nanonetworks)!


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