Scheduling Track

This research track constituted the object of my PhD studies in 2008-13, at the CAC Lab, Computer Science Department, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. 

Introduction: Wireless Push Systems

Advantages of Push over Pull:

  • Scalability - any number of clients.
  • High coverage.
  • Low cost.
  • Guaranteed server security

The Push Scheduling Problem

“Define a broadcast sequence that minimizes the average waiting time of the clients, given their statistical preferences.”

  • NP-Hard!

Our Key-Contribution

"Optimality is asymptotic, with interesting, low-complexity, local optima.” 

Studied System Aspects

Adaptive Operation

  • Time-variant Client Preferences [[[Liaskos:SCVT10]]][[[Liaskos.2011d]]].


  • Defense against preference flooding attacks [[[Liaskos.2013]]] .

Optimal Scheduling

  • QoS optimality [[[Liaskos.2008]]][[[Liaskos.2009]]][[[Liaskos.2009b]]][[[Liaskos:WCM]]][[[Liaskos:TVT]]] .
  • Complexity [[[Liaskos.2010b]]][[[Liaskos:BTS]]][[[Liaskos.2012]]].
  • Multi-criteria optimality [[[Liaskos.2010]]][[[Liaskos.2011c]]][[[Liaskos.2012e]]][[[Liaskos.2012f]]][[[Liaskos2015minimal]]].

Collaborative data dissemination.

  • Interface with other systems [[[Liaskos.2011]]].
  • Information Hovering [[[Liaskos.2011b]]].

Optimal content selection, balancing:

  • Data Coherence [[[Liaskos2014data]]][[[Liaskos2016service]]].
  • Service Ratio [[[Liaskos.2012c]]][[[Liaskos.2012d]]][[[Liaskos.2012h]]].


Studied push systems from multiple aspects.

Focus on realizability of research:

  • Low complexity,
  • Multi-optimal,
  • Interconnected,
  • Secure,
  • Massive data delivery via push.


This research has been co-financed by the European Union (European Social Fund – ESF) and Greek national funds through the PhD Scholarship Program "Education and Lifelong Learning" of the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) - Research Funding Program: Heracleitus II. Investing in knowledge society through the European Social Fund.


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