Evangelia Daskalaki

ICT Manager - Safety & Security Consultant

Heraklion, GR

eva at ics dot forth dot gr


Computer Languages: Java SE/EE, Javascript, SQL, HTML, XML, XSL, CSS (bootstrap, W3), XPaths, XQueries, RDF, OWL, SKOS, SPARQL, PHP

Modelling Languages: UML, ER, BPML, EPC, BPEL, ISO 25964 - Standard for thesauri

Databases: MySQL, XML DB (Exist), Virtuoso, Jena, Oracle Toad

Web Servers & IDE: Apache Tomcat, Apache HTTP Server, Glassfish, JBoss, Eclipse (IDE), NetBeans (IDE)

Experienced in using the Frameworks and CMS below:
> Wordpress (CMS)
> Drupal (CMS)
> Zendesk
> Git and Github (Version control system)
> TortoiseSVN (Apache Subversion system),
> IBM SPSS Software (Statistical analysis system),
> Ms Project Management (Project Management),
> Ms Commerce Server 2000 (E- Business),
> Microsoft Navision (ERP System),
> xRPM SAP (ERP Systems),
> Visio (Process Modelling),
> ARIS (Process Modelling),
> ADOxx (Process Modelling),
>SAP SOLUTUS (Incident Management System).





Living abroad

5.2005 - 11.2005: Wolfsburg, Germany.
9.1986 - 9.1991: Ludenscheid, Germany.

Work Experience

ICT Manager - Trust & Safety,
Foundation of Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH),
Distributed Computing Systems and Cybersecurity Lab
Jan 2017 - Current

Work for the EU funded project Greek Safer Internet Center (SaferInternet4Kids, SafeLine, Help-Line), main activities:
> Administration on ICT systems,
> ICT security policy development and implementation,
> Cybersecurity capacity building, education and training,
> Conduct of surveys about online behaviours and research on dark web,
> Communication, dissemination and awareness raising on cybersecurity and safety online,
> Participation in international Conferences / Workshops/ Forums / International meetings,
> Certified analyst about illegal activity online from INHOPE and Interpol.

R&D Software Engineer,
Foundation of Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH),
Information Systems Lab
Jan 2007 - Dec 2016

Work for EU projects and preparation of deliverables (FP6, FP7):
eHealthMonitor EU FP7
Dariah Project DYAS
> Design and implementation of Information Systems,
> ICT security policy development and implementation,
> Conduct of testing on Information Systems,
> Conduct of research about Semantics,
> Participation in international conferences/ Forums / International meetings.

IT Analyst, Accenture, Athens
Dec 2005 - Dec 2006

> Implementation of parts of the new Web Order Management System (WOMS) of OTE,
> Designing the User Acceptance Testing,
> Writing the documentation of the Web Order Management System,
> Education and training on the Web Order Management System.

Intern, Volkswagen AG, Department of IT and Strategy , Wolfsburg-Germany
May 2005 - November 2005

> First Level Support for the SAP System,
> Implementation of the System Integration Testing.


PhD Candidate,
Hellenic Mediterranian University, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
2020 - present

PhD Candidate

MSc in Information Systems and E-commerce,
University of Crete, Computer Science Department
2009 - 2011

Master Degree

1st High School of Heraklion - Crete
1997 - 2000

Graduation with score 18,3/20



Age recommendations for children's films: associations between advisories on a US site and parents' ratings
Evangelia Daskalaki, Costas Panagiotakis, Harris Papadakis, Paraskevi Fragopoulou
April, 2022

Journal of Children and Media

Understanding the online behavior and risks of children: results of a large-scale national survey on 10-18 year olds
Evangelia Daskalaki, Katerina Psaroudaki, Marieva Karkanaki, Paraskevi Fragopoulou
August, 2020

arXive Repository

Investigating the dynamics of illegal online activity: The power of reporting, dark web, and related legislation
Emmanouela Kokolaki, Evangelia Daskalaki, Katerina Psaroudaki, Meltini Christodoulaki, Paraskevi Fragopoulou
July, 2020

Computer Law & Security Review

EL-SIC: Focus on Better and Safer Online Experience for Kids
Evangelia Daskalaki, Katerina Psaroudaki, Paraskevi Fragopoulou
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Ontology Understanding without Tears: The summarization approach
Georgia Troullinou, Haridimos Kondylakis, Evangelia Daskalaki, Dimitris Plexousakis
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The Semantic Web journal

Instance matching benchmarks in the era of Linked Data
Evangelia Daskalaki, Giorgos Flouris, Irini Fundulaki, Tzanina Saveta
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Web Semantics: Science, Services and Agents on the World Wide Web

The ACGT Master Ontology and its applications � Towards an ontology-driven cancer research and management system
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Journal of Biomedical Informatics


Personalized Itinerary Recommendation via Expectation-Maximization

IEEE 17th International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technologies

C. Panagiotakis, E. Daskalaki, H. Papadakis and P. Fragopoulou

The Tourist Trip Design Problem with POI Categories via an Expectation-Maximization Based Method
September, 2022

RecSys Workshop on Recommenders in Tourism (RecTour 2022)

C. Panagiotakis, E. Daskalaki, H. Papadakis and P. Fragopoulou

March, 2022

International Conferences e-Society 2022 and Mobile Learning 2022

E. Daskalaki,C. Panagiotakis, H. Papadakis and P. Fragopoulou

Mind the Gender Gap OR Mend the Gender Gap.
November, 2021

Internet Governance Forum 2021

Instance Matching Benchmarks in the Era of Linked Data
Evangelia Daskalaki, Giorgos Flouris, Irini Fundulaki, Tzanina Saveta
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ISWC 2017

How well does your instance matching system perform? Experimental evaluation with LANCE
Tzanina Saveta, Evangelia Daskalaki, Irini Fundulaki, Giorgos Flouris, Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo
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BLINK 2016

Tutorial: A Tutorial on Instance Matching Benchmarks
Evangelia Daskalaki, Irini Fundulaki, Janina Saveta, Melanie Herschel.
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European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC) 2016

LANCE: Piercing to the Heart of Instance Matching Tools
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