Distributed Computing Column of BEATCS

From January 2009 to December 2015, Panagiota Fatourou has been the editor of the Distributed Computing Column of the Bulletin of the European Association for Theoretical Computer Sceince.

Letters by the Editor

January 2015

After serving for more than 6 years as the editor of the Distributed Computing Column (DC) of the Bulletin of the European Association for Theoretical Computer Science (BEATCS), I am glad to announce that the new editor of the column will be Stefan Schmid. Stefan and I will co-edit the DC column by the end of 2015 and he will replace me right after.

I wish Stefan that his tenure as editor will be as pleasurable as mine was.

 I am really grateful to the authors that have contributed to the column during these years and I deeply thank them for their great contributions!


January 2009

Advances in Distributed Computing have been simply astonishing during the past few decades. The Distributed Computing Column of BEATCS aims in exposing the community to the most challenging and inspirational results of the field. The column had been edited until the end of 2008 by Marios Mavronicolas who did an excellent job on establishing it as a popular venue. Thanks to him but also, and more, to the invited authors who submitted remarkable contributions, the column was operating all these years with big success.

My major objective is to continue projecting the most exciting developments in all areas of Distributed Computing onto the column. Of particular interest are hot, currently emerging topics and technologies, including multi-core algorithms and architectures, transactional memory and other synchronization techniques for ubiquitous parallel programming, self-adaptive, self-organizing and autonomic systems, sensor, mobile, mesh, ad-hoc and peer-to-peer networks and protocols, cluster and grid computing, social networks and game-theoretic approaches, security, fault-tolerance, reliability, and many other stimulating subjects. Emphasis will also be given to the foundations of distributed computing.
Concluding, let me welcome you to the Column and encourage your submission of articles and other material. I especially welcome surveys providing new insight on fundamental topics of distributed computing, articles describing open problems in challenging areas of the field, and any other material that can bring new, inspirational problems and techniques under the attention of the community. I would be interested to also host reviews of the main conferences or of other interesting events in the field.
Suggestions can be sent to me by e-mail ().

Upcoming Articles

  1. No. 116, June 2015 BEATCS issue: The column will be devoted to the 60th Birthday of  Maurice Herlihy (joint with ACM SIGACT News Distributed Computing Column, edited by Jennifer Welch)

Published Articles

  1. No. 115, February 2015 BEATCS issue: 1) "A Closer Look at Concurrent Data Structures and Algorithms" by Gadi Taubenfeld, and 2) "Local Coordination and Symmetry Breaking" by Jukka Suomela (under the capacity of Stefan Schmid).

  2. No. 114, October 2014 BEATCS issue: A description of the papers presented at the 6th Workshop on Theory of Transactional Memory (WTTM’2014) by M. Couceiro, V. Gramoli and P. Romano

  3. No. 113, June 2014 BEATCS issue: Consistency for Transactional Memory Computing by Dmytro Dziuma, Panagiota Fatourou and Eleni Kanellou

  4. No. 112, February 2014 BEATCS issue: “Lower Bounds and Impossibility Results for Transactional Memory Computing” by H. Attiya

  5. No. 111, October 2013 BEATCS issue: "An Introductory Tutorial to Concurrency-Related Distributed Recursion" by Michel Raynal and Sergio Rajsbaum

  6. No. 110, June 2013 BEATCS issue: "Computing with Advice: when Knowledge Helps" by Stefan Dobrev, Rastislav Kralovic, and Richard Kralovic

  7. No. 109, February 2013 BEATCS issue: "Mobile agents in distributed computing: Network exploration" by Shantanu Das

  8. No. 108, October 2012 BEATCS issue, "Identifying Hostile Nodes in Networks Using Mobile Agents" by Euripides Markou

  9. No. 107, June 2012 BEATCS issue,"Programming with SpecTM", by Tim Harris and Aleksandar Dragojevic

  10. No. 106, February 2012 BEATCS issue,"Understanding Non-Uniform Failure Models" by Petr Kuznetsov

  11. No. 105, October 2011 BEATCS issue,"Programmer-Centric Memory Consistency Modeling" by Lisa Higham, Jalal Kawash, Abhijeet Pareek

  12. No. 104, June 2011 BEATCS issue,"Convergent and Commutative Replicated Data Types" by Marc Shapiro, Nuno Preguiça, Carlos Baquero, Marek Zawirski

  13. No. 103, February 2011 BEATCS issue, "Failure Detectors to Solve Asynchronous k-Set Agreement: a Glimpse of Recent Results", by Michel Raynal

  14. No. 102, October 2010 BEATCS issue,"Reconfiguring Replicated Atomic Storage: A Tutorial" by Marcos K. Aguilera, Idit Keidar, Dahlia Malkhi, Jean-Philippe Martin, Alexander Shraer

  15. No. 101, June 2010 BEATCS issue,"The Origin of Quorum Systems" by Marko Vukolić

  16. No. 100, February 2010 BEATCS issue, "Robust Simulation of Shared Memory: 20 Years After" by Hagit Attiya

  17. No. 99, October 2009 BEATCS issue, "Composable Error Recovery with Transactional Memory", by T. Riegel, P. Felber, and C. Fetzer

  18. No. 98, June 2009 BEATCS issue, "Transactional Memory: A primer for Theorists" by Maurice Herlihy

  19. No. 97, February 2009 BEATCS issue, "The Theory of Transactional Memory" by R. Guerraoui and M. Kapalka

Enjoy reading!

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Deadlines for submissions of manuscripts are January, May and September 5th, respectively for the February, June and October issues.
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