CS-534: Packet Switch Architecture
Fall 2001
Department of Computer Science
© copyright: University of Crete, Greece

0. Introduction, Link Types

Sections in this Chapter:

0.1 Introduction: Networks and Links

Course title and subject

Abstract network view

Note: usually, links are bidirectional

Hierarchical composition of a network
      from a graph of subnetworks/routers/switches

Circuit versus packet switching

0.2 Course Topics Overview

Output contention, buffering

Switch Architectures

Fabric topologies, flow control, scheduling

0.3 Point-to-Point versus Shared Medium Links

Point-to-Point and Shared-Medium:
      examples and advantages of each

Shared medium link: turn-around overhead

how many bits is the distance d worth?

Link utilization for varying
      link throughput, link length, packet size

Arbitration Overhead

Single versus multiple parallel transmissions

In this course... only switches with point-to-point links

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