CS-534: Packet Switch Architecture
Fall 2001
Department of Computer Science
© copyright: University of Crete, Greece

1. Circuit Switching

Sections in this Chapter:

1.1 Serial versus Parallel Transmission

Distance versus transmission type

Parallel to serial conversion (transmitter)

Serial to parallel conversion (receiver) -clock phases

Serial to parallel conversion (receiver) -datapath

1.2 Digital Telephony, Circuit Switching

Reading Assignment:
Read section 8.2 (Circuit Switching), pp. 162-175, from the book (S. Keshav: "An Engineering Approach to Computer Networking").

Sampling rate, frames, multiplexing, demultiplexing

Time-Division Switching - Time Slot Interchange

Add/Drop Multiplexor: a simple, 3-port switch

Space switching

Crossbar switch

Space-Division Switching, Crossbar, TST switch

For additional discussion and bibliographic references regarding TST switch scheduling, see exercise set 2.

Multi-stage switches, TSSST, inverse multiplexing

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