CS-534: Packet Switch Architecture
Spring 2006
Department of Computer Science
© copyright: University of Crete, Greece

Schedule of Lectures:


01a  (13/2):  sec. 0.1, 0.2: Introduction, Overview
01b  (15/2):  sec. 1.1: Serial/Parallel, thruput conservation, buffering
     Ex.1 (15/2 --> 22/2): Rate & throughput calculations

02a  (20/2):  sec. 1.2: Elastic Buffers (+1.1 remainder: s2p, p2s conv.)
02b  (22/2):  sec. 1.3: Multiplexing Technologies (+2.1 intro: SRAM)
     Ex.2 (22/2 --> 1/3): Turn-Around Overhead
02c  (24/2):  sec. 2.1, 2.2: Memory Technologies (on-chip, off-chip)


01b  Shared Links, Serial/Parallel, TDM
02a  Ckt.Sw., TSI, TDM Xbar Scheduling
02b  Basic Concepts of Pck Switching #1
03a  Basic Concepts of Pck Switching #2
03b  Basic Concepts #3, Switch Gener.
        Ex.3: Int.bl., cut-thru, sw.gen.

04a  Ch.3: SRAM: On-chip, Off-chip
04b  DRAM, Synchronizers, Elastic Buffers
        Ex.4: RAM acc. rate, segment rate

05a  Circular buf. FIFO, multi-Queue #1
05b  Multi-Queue Data Structures #2
        Ex.5: Linked List Multi-Q memories

06a  Multicast Queues & Data Structures
06b  Ch.4: OutQ family, perf, block-xpoint
        Ex.6: more lnk'd list multi-Q mem.

07a  ---  MIDTERM EXAM ---
07b  wide/pipe.mem, inputQ/HOL bl., perf.
        Ex.7: queueing arch. cost (SRAM's) 

08a  per-out. inQ (VOQ), Crossbar Sched.
08b  speed-up, CIOQ, matching outQ     
        Ex.8: inQ sat.thrup., VOQ/xb sch.

09a  CICQ-buf.xbar/backpr., Qarch. cmp.
09b  Fabrics w. Int. Backpr., flow ctrl.
        Exercises 9: Flow control

10a  Flow Control, Multilane Backpressure
10b  Ch.5: Switching Fabric Topologies #1
        *** Paper Reading Assignments ***

11a  Fabrics #2, Bufferless/Buffered    
11b  Output Scheduling for QoS #1      
        Ex.10: Switching fabric topologies

12a  Output Scheduling for QoS #2     
12b  Other Adv. Topics, Overflow time.
        Exercises 11: Scheduling

13a  Student Presentations #1        
13b  Student Presentations #2       

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