RISC History Photos, RISC II chip CIF description

IBM "801" Internal Prototype, 1975-80:

IBM 801 prototype, 1975-80

U.C. Berkeley "RISC I" 1980-81:

U.C. Berkeley RISC I, 1980-81 larger size RISC I microphotograph

U.C. Berkeley "RISC II" 1981-82:

  • RISC II chip description file, in CIF (Caltech Intermediate Form), believed to be as sent for fabrication in late 1982:   RISC II chip CIF file   (568,066 Byte ASCII text file).
  • Full text available on-line for: the RISC II architecture and chip design are descibed in the thesis: M. Katevenis: "Reduced Instruction Set Computer Architectures for VLSI", 1984 ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award, MIT Press, ISBN 0-262-11103-9, 1985.

    U.C. Berkeley RISC II, 1981-82

  • RISC II microphotograph - 2160x1226 pixels (1.3 MBytes)
  • RISC II microphotograph - 4072x2674 pixels JPEG format (9.8 MBytes)
  • RISC II microphotograph - 4386x3383 pixels TIFF format (44.5 MBytes)

    Stanford "MIPS" 1981-83:

    Stanford MIPS 1981-83 larger size MIPS microphotograph

    David Patterson and Carlo Sequin, 1981:

    David Patterson and Carlo Sequin, 1981

    RISC I Designers, 1981:

    RISC I Designers, 1981 RISC I Designers, 1981 (smaller)
    Left to right: Jim Peek, Korbin VanDyke, Zvi Peshkess, Dan Fitzpatrick, John Foderaro

    RISC II Designers, 1981:

    RISC II Designers, 1981
    Manolis Katevenis, Robert (Bob) Sherburne

    RISC CAD Tools Builders, 1981:

    RISC CAD Tools Builders, 1981

    RISC Group, 1982:

    RISC Group, 1982, seated RISC Group, 1982, standing

    U.C. Berkeley "Forefront" Magazine Cover, 2001-02:

    Forefront Magazine Cover, 2001-02

    U.C. Berkeley "IRAM" Group, 2001:

    U.C. Berkeley IRAM Group, 2001