If life was easy,
where would all the adventure be ?

Useful Stuff

Here you can find stuff (links, downloads etc.) I find useful.
I will continuously update this page (and also try to curate dead links :))

Box Box allows storing files to the cloud. It allows storing several formats of files (including pdf, doc, xls, ppt). Apart from the pc version there are applications for Android and iOS devices. For free users the storage is limited to 50 GB.
wetransfer The appropriate web application if you want to transfer big files (up to 2GB) over the web. The uploaded files can be downloaded several times and the download links remain alive for 2 weeks.
issuu Issuu is an online service that allows for realistic and customizable viewing of digitally uploaded material (i.e. ebooks, magazines etc). The uploaded material is viewed through a web browser and is made to look like a publication with animated page flip options.
Mega Mega is a cloud storage and file hosting service. Data on the mega service are encrypted at client-side using AES, meaning that the server doesn't have the decrtyption key and cannot view the contents of the uploaded files. The free plan offers 50 GB of storage..
Tripomatic Tripomatic allows you to quickly and easily plan your trip. It allows you to pick sights and create your own travel itinerary. Apart from the website it offers android and iphone applications.
tripinview TripInView is a site presenting geotagged aerial photos and video of the entire coastline of countries that are “beach and sun” destinations, in a unique way.