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Hi, my name is Fasoulakis Michail (Michalis) and I come from Crete. I am an affiliated researcher with ICS-FORTH.


My research interests lie in many traditional research areas such as:

  • Theoretical computer science: Algorithms, Information theory.

  • Economics: Mathematical economics, Game theory, decision theory.

  • Mathematics: Game theory, Information theory, optimization, applied probability, stochastic processes, decision theory.

  • Electrical and computer engineering: Information theory, signal processing and communications,

and the intersections of them such as:

  • Algorithmic game theory and decision theory,

  • Computational economics,

  • Algorithms for signal processing and communications,

  • Algorithmic Information theory,

  • Combinatorial optimization,

  • Game theoretic and economical aspects of wireless networking.


I am also interested in applications of mathematics and theoretical computer science in problems inspired by science and engineering such as telecommunications and signal processing, economics, transportation, computer science end engineering, finance, businesses, medicine and biology.


More specifically, I am currently interested in issues of game theory and their algorithmic view, like computation of approximate Nash equilibria and applications of game theory such as game theoretic aspects of wireless networking.


I hold a PhD in Computer science from the University of Warwick, UK. Also, I hold an MSc in Computation & Game Theory from the University of Liverpool. Furthermore, I hold a BSc in CS and an MSc in Communications & Signal Processing from the Computer Science Department of the University of Crete, Greece. During my under/post graduate studies in Crete I was a member of the Telecommunications and Networks Laboratory of the ICS - FORTH (Institute of CS, Foundation for Research & Technology - Hellas) as a student of Apostolos Traganitis.



Fasoulakis Michail Φασουλάκης Μιχαήλ

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x@ics.forth.gr, {where x = mfasoul}

Office Γ 174 at TNL