PreSocratics (7th - 5th century B.C.)

Period marking the begining of science, as well as the development of literature, arts, politics, and philosophy. During these years, the city-states (polis in Greek) flourish. These include the Sparta and Athens. Within this period the Ionian school of natural philosophy was founded by Thales of Miletus. This is considered the first school for speculating about nature in a scientific way, hence signifies the birth of science.
The Pythagorean brotherhood is formed by Pythagoras of Samos. This society performed a great deal of progress in mathematics, but also had mystical beliefs. In addition to the Ionian and Pythagorian, other schools of this period include the Eleatic, the Atomists, and the Sophists.
All philosophers - scientists up to Democritus are considered to be PreSocratics.


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