Nikolaos Chrysos - Patents

Granted Patents

Deadlock resolution in end-to-end credit protocol, US Patent 8677046 B2

Buffer occupancy based random sampling for congestion management, US Patent 8929213 B2

Hybrid arrival-occupancy based congestion management, US Patent 9055009 B2

Weightage-based scheduling for hierarchical switching fabrics, US Patent 8984206B2

Address translation unit, device and method for remote direct memory access of a memory, US Patent 8930716 B2

Input buffered switching device including bypass logic, US Patent 8902899 B2

Method and system for transmitting data packets in a network, GB Patent 2498311

Patent Applications

Implementing hierarchical high radix switch with timesliced crossbar, US Patent App. US20150063348 A1

Computer-based flow synchronization for efficient multicast forwarding for products and services, US Patent App. 20150222443 A1

Data communication acknowledgement in a network, N Chrysos, US Patent App. 20120106344 A1

Hierarchical occupancy-based congestion management, US Patent App. 20130155853 A1

Multicast packet routing via crossbar bypass paths, US Patent App. 20150207638 A1

Adaptive setting of the quantized congestion notification equilibrium setpoint in converged enhanced ethernet networks, US Patent App. 20140281021 A1

Bypassing congestion points in a converged enhanced ethernet fabric, US Patent App. 20150078170 A1

Arbitration of multiple-thousands of flows for convergence enhanced ethernet, US Patent App. 20140204748 A1