I am a Research Staff Scientist at the Telecommunications and Networks Laboratory (TNL) of the Institute of Computer Science of Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas (FORTH) and an Adjunct Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science (CSD), University of Crete (UoC). I received my degree in Physics (2001), and my M.Sc. (2004) and Ph.D. (2009) degrees in Computer Science from the University of Crete. I have been working in the TNL at FORTH-ICS since 2001, where I have designed and developed numerous software and hardware prototype systems and methods. My research interests include software defined & cognitive radios, radio resource & spectrum sharing, heterogeneous networking, position location techniques in wireless networks, radio propagation modeling, and emergency communications. Currently, I am leading the SDR group of the TNL, which I established and organized, based on a team of people with diverse capabilities for a vertical approach; from the hardware design up to the software implementations.

CS-330: Introduction to Telecommunication Systems Theory
Network Technology & Programming

Up to now (completed):
  • undergraduates: 16 (11)
  • M.Sc. students: 8 (3)
  • Ph.D. candidates: 1
M.Sc. dissertations presented:
  • FPGA based Implementation for Multi-gigabit high precision network measurementsA. Gavaletakis
  • Software Defined Radio implementation of IEEE 802.11a Physical and MAC layer Transceiver on General Purpose ProcessorsM. Surligas
  • Calypso: A stream framework in Graphics processor, for Software Defined Radio applicationsF. Nikolaidis

Awards and Distinctions
  • First award of “Ericsson Award of Excellence in Telecommunications” for the thesis: “Position Location Techniques in Mobile Cellular Networks”
  • First place of doctoral dissertation proposal in Informatics and Communications Technologies area within the framework of the “Reinforcement Program of Human Research Manpower” (PENED) of the Greek General Secretariat of Research and Technology
  • Fourth place in 5G Spectrum Challenge of the international conference IEEE DySPAN 2015 with the work “Robust Spectrum Sharing Through Virtualization” and the respective experimental apparatus
  • Second place in the international Spectrum-Sharing Radio Contest (ShaRC) 2016 of Virginia Tech with the system “Skynet: The Agile CR Engine” (students’ team supervisor)

R&D Projects involvement
  • Wireless Hotspots: Financing of Enterprises for the Implementation of Broadband Wireless Hotspots
  • Supply and development of mobile information systems for visitors in selected museums and archaeological sites (OPEP)
  • TWISTER: Terrestrial Wireless Infrastructure integrated with Satellite Telecommunications for E-Rural applications
  • Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks - Research on Security Methods, Routing, Trust Management and Position Tracking (PENED)
  • AKMON: Design, Management and Security of Wireless Networks with QoS Support
  • IMDB Panorama: Eastern Mediterranean Biodiversity Panorama
  • CRETE-WISE: Advanced Services over Wireless Access Networks for Visitors and Tourism Organisation in Crete – Wireless Information Service
  • EU-MESH: Enhanced, Ubiquitous, and Dependable Broadband Access using MESH Networks
  • AVID-MODE: Efficient Location-Aware Audio-Visual Delivery of High-Quality to Mobile Devices
  • REDComm: Rapid Emergency Deployment Mobile Communication Infrastructure
  • MESH-WISE: Self-organising MESH Networking with Heterogeneous Wireless Access
  • RERUM: REliable, Resilient and secUre IoT for sMart city applications
  • SOrBet: Smart Objects for Intelligent Building Management
  • Agreement with the Municipality of Heraklion (for the development of the city of Heraklion as "smart city")