FORTH 3D Human Body Tracking

Brief description

We present results of our work on a method for tracking a 3D skeletal model of the human body based on markerless observations acquired by a single RGBD camera. The proposed approach has a number of attractive properties, such as:

  • It tracks a skeletal model of the human body (torso, arms, legs) plus the fingers of hands
  • It tolerates differences in biometrics, clothing, distance of observation, illumination variations
  • It handles occlusions (e.g., body occluded by objects, partial body views)
  • It performs automatic initialization / re-initialization, automatic recovery from tracking failures
  • It provides information on limbs depending on confidence
  • It operates with a potentially moving camera
  • It performs in real time (20-30 fps) on a conventional processor (single CPU, no GPGPU).

Sample results

FHBT in operation

FHBT in support of robot teleoperation

FHBT in support of clinical applications


Relevant publications

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The electronic versions of the above publications can be downloaded from my publications page.