Building a multi-touch display based on computer vision techniques

Brief description

We present the development of a multi-touch display based on computer vision techniques. The developed system is built upon low cost, off-the-shelf hardware components and a careful selection of computer vision techniques. The resulting system is capable of detecting and tracking several objects that may move freely on the surface of a wide projection screen. It also provides additional information regarding the detected and tracked objects, such as their orientation, their full contour, etc. All of the above are achieved robustly, in real time and regardless of the visual appearance of what may be independently projected on the projection screen. We also present indicative results from the exploitation of the developed system in three application scenarios and discuss directions for further research.

Sample results

Interactive exhibition: "Macedonia: from fragments to pixels": Visit the web site of the exhibition Macedonia: from fragments to pixels featuring several interactive exhibits (including the multitouch display) developed in the context of the Ambient Intelligence Programme of FORTH-ICS.


Relevant publications

The electronic versions of the above publications can be downloaded from my publications page.