PaperView: Augmenting Physical Surfaces with Location-Aware Information

Brief description

A frequent need of museums is to provide visitors with context-sensitive information about exhibits in the form of maps, or scale models. This paper suggests an augmented reality approach for supplementing physical surfaces with digital information, through the use of pieces of plain paper that act as personal, location-aware, interactive screens. The technologies employed are presented, along with the interactive behavior of the system, which was instantiated and tested in the form of two prototype setups: a wooden table covered with a printed map and a glass case containing a scale model. The paper also discusses key issues stemming from experience and observations in the course of qualitative evaluation sessions.

Sample results

Interactive exhibition: "Macedonia: from fragments to pixels": Visit the web site of the exhibition Macedonia: from ragments to pixels featuring several interactive exhibits (including PaperView) developed in the context of the Ambient Intelligence Programme of FORTH-ICS.


  • Dimitris Grammenos, Damien Michel, Xenophon Zabulis, Antonis A. Argyros, Constantine Stephanidis.
  • This work has been supported by the FORTH-ICS internal RTD Programme “Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments”.

Relevant publications

  • D. Grammenos, D. Michel, X. Zabulis, A.A. Argyros, “PaperView: Augmenting Physical Surfaces with Location-Aware Digital Information” in Proceedings of the ACM SIGCHI Conference on Tangible Embedded, Embodied Interaction, TEI’2011, pp. 57-60, Funchal, Portugal, Jan. 23-26, 2011.
  • D. Grammenos, X. Zabulis, D. Michel, T. Sarmis, G. Georgalis, K. Tzevanidis, A.A. Argyros, C. Stephanidis, “Design and Development of Four Prototype Interactive Edutainment Exhibits for Museums” to appear in the Proceedings of HCI International, Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek, Orlando, Florida, USA, 9-14 July 2011.
  • D. Grammenos, X. Zabulis, D. Michel, A.A. Argyros, “Augmented Reality Interactive Exhibits in Cartographic Heritage: An implemented case-study open to the general public”, in the Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Digital Approaches in Cartographic Heritage, Hague, Netherlands 7–8 April 2011.

The electronic versions of the above publications can be downloaded from my publications page.